bodymount suports???

bodymount suports???


Nova Scotia, Canada
, 80 jeep cj 7, sold the zj and now own a 01 f150 on 33x11.5 tires. Still working on the cj.
I need to find or have made the body mount suport (if that's what it is called) The part that is under the front seats that sits on the bodymounts. Welded to the floor pans. Is there any place to buy these???
Sorry it's a 80 CJ7. So the ones in the link will replace the ones under the front seats then?(they are the ones in the pics) Thx for the reply!! :)
I'm not positive those are the ones (it look it is though). I would look over all the ones they have for sale first...
Didn't see anything else on their site. So I'm guessing thats them,I may try to send them a pic of my rusted ones and see what they say.
Just an update.I emailed them with some pics and they said yes that is what I need.I ended up ordering them through an autobody store localy.When they get in I'll post a pic up.

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