bolts and hardware

bolts and hardware


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I'm having to drill out alot of the bolts holding the roll bar seat belts etc. Do yall replace with original or a comperable fastener? I've found complete fastener sets upwards of 280 bucks
Those are Torx bolts. You can replace them with standard bolts as long as you get grade 8.
I'm with Dave, I get rid of the torx when ever I take one out, they are a pain. I also use grade 8 whenever I can, but most automotive bolts are grade 5 from the factory.
I agree as well. And let me say this once....Tractor supply. Since I have been turned on that is my source for grade 8 hardware.
Tractor supply? I went in there for a 7/16 20 nut and they didn't have it. But they did have alot of hardware. I pass by one every day on the way to work. :)
I'm not sure I you have any close to you but Fastenal stores carry a full array of gr 8 hardware. Or let me know the width, thread pitch and length you need and I may have some in extra in my shop if you can't find em local to you and cheap.
There are two local Ace Harware stores that I buy grade 8 bolts at. They have a pretty good supply. Just another place you might check.
The bolts for the window frame are the ones I'm gonna need. They are a countersunk bolt.
Iirc you wil need 5/16-18x1" flat head socket cap screw. That's the fancy way to say counter sunk.. Maybe 3/4" long thy get measured from end to end not te length of the threaded part like other bolts
Ive used Tractor Supply a few times , most recently for axle U-bolts. I get alot of stuff from Fastenal since thats who provides my work. :D
Who ever invented the torx bolt should be B**** slapped, hung and shot. Must have been tool companys to be able to create and sell more tools. I've broken sockets, used heat and many many cans of wd40 tring to get these :censored: style of bolts out. And I also replace them when I finealy get them out.
Torx don't have anythingon some of the fasteners that are used on aircraft.
10-4 on Fastenal. I work for KinderMorgan and we get an additional discount on any and all fasteners. You may check to see if any other stores offer a company discount. KM gets discounts on trucks, phones, all kind stuff.
Go to a local fastenal and sign up for an account. They will try to give you a set discount but if you haggle with em they can make it better. I worked for them for a few years at a high sales store.. 100-175 a month to some local theme parks.. we had a very stringent inspection process and accountably ofthe fasteners. if any parts came in that didnt meet the requirements and were getting tossed they would go into the Jimbo bucket!

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