Brake Drum Backing Plate Question...

Brake Drum Backing Plate Question...


Upstate SC
1974 CJ5, 304v8... purchased 8/8/11
o.k......previous owner(s) had done a spring over axle conversion then put it all that confusion I wanted to be sure the backing plates are in the correct positions....
I have 4-wheel drum brakes with the self adjuster cables...there is an access oval hole for the star adjuster in the backing plates that is offset from center...It appears to me that this oval should be towards the rear and that both the front and rear on each side should be the same because the drum hardware kits are sold for use as two part numbers (right front or rear) and (left front or rear.)
Can someone please confirm for me the orientation of the backing plates...If I have it wrong the adjusters will loosen the shoes and not tighten them.
Any insight or pictures will be greatly appreciated.
thanks, Ed:chug:
On my 73 the wheel cylinder is in the middle at the highest point.

I just put a 9" in and same thing.

Are you saying that the hole to get at the adjuster is turned way to the back?
The oval access hole goes towards the rear. The reason for this is the the star wheel goes towards the rear because it is actuated by the brakes twisting as you stop while backing up, keeping the pad adjusted.
Thanks CJ....Looks like the p.o. had the backing plates reversed on the rear drums...not a big problem to fix...but might explain some of the front fender dents.....
I had taken some pics before tearing it down but just wanted to be sure of the orientation.
thanks again, Ed
Here is a page from an FSM.


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