cam or not???

cam or not???


Bonners Ferry, Id
81 CJ7 4.2-258
I just bought a 81 CJ7 with a 258. This is my 3rd cj so I'm pretty familiar with the 258 and really like their low end torque and being bulletproof. the motor ran fairly well but had a top end tick..(possible flat cam or bad lifter). I decided to leave motor in and pull head and replace cam, lifters and timing chain and gears and have head and valves ground. Upon removing head and sliding cam out the cam looked worn but not too bad. I inspected cam once out and discovered front cam bearing is slightly worn on cam, but looked a bit rougher inside block. my question is, can I just replace that front one in block without pulling the motor??? Any advice would be appreciated.

I would find a machine shop and ask them. you need a special tool to install cam bearings and Im pretty sure you need acess to the space between the bearings.
I agree you should ask a machine shop as the cam bearings are very easy to damage if not installed properly .

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