can someone identify this transmission by this pic?

can someone identify this transmission by this pic?


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I am looking at a 79 CJ7 and one of the pics he sent over is this one. Is that the transmission I think it is?
It has apparently been swapped in behind the V-8 in the engine bay, I can tell that much. It is a 4 speed according to the owner.
I'm not terrably good at visually ID-ing yet... But It looks like what you want it to be after looking through T-18 Transmission - Google Search


Good Luck!
~ JR
It doesn't look like a T18. Not near big enough. Looks more like a T-15 or 150, which are both 3 speeds. More pictures and some numbers might help. Also check the shift pattern. Where is reverse?

I believe that it a T176. Very good tranny.
I want to say the t-case looks a lot like a Dana 300. The cover plate behind the front output shaft doesn't quite look like a Dana 20 configuration. The trans does look like it could be a T-176. Considering the T-176 and D300 were offered together, this would be my guess.

The t-case information will be cast into the back.

As far as identifying the transmission, looking here The Tremec T176, T177 & T178 Jeep Transmissions - Novak Conversions I see "Typical casting numbers found on the T176 main case can be C-2604203 or c-2604206. Top cover casting numbers like C-2604208 are common."
I am going to agree with Kane and Derf. I think it's a T176 (or one of it's relatives T177 or T178). It's hard saying if it has been swapped in.
Man i suck at this game!! Lol :D
LOL me too!
I was hoping it was a T-18 :drool:, but I think you guys are right, it being some variant of a T176...:rolleyes:
I haven't seen it, a guy wants to do some trading for the '7 its sitting in, and I am trying to place a value on the truck.

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