Carb & manifold advice.

Carb & manifold advice.


Charlotte, NC
76 CJ5 258
So I need some advice with my CJ. I have a 76 with a 258. I found a big crack in my exhasut manifold. The engine is not original. I am unsure of the year. However, it has a newer distributor, but the manifolds bolt together. I'm guessing this is a pre 78 set up. The carb has been replaced witha Carter 2bbl. The previous owner made a riser piece out of aluminum to acommodate the new carb. It is a little bit sketchy looking. My question is, should I stick with the bolt together design and replace the exhaust manifold or should I get a newer intake and exhaust design. Also, should I go back to the 1bbl the intake was originally designed for. Ready to get this thing running right, just want to buy what ever is easiest to set up and drive. Not looking for any extra performance.
you can easily replace the manifolds with something made in the 80's. That will give you a two bbl intake and separate exhaust manifold there is a tube that runs between the two for the EGR valve. The two bbl is a good thing and as long as you own one you may as well use it. I think it will be easier to find the manifolds for an 80 something AMC than the earlier one but I could be wrong. the two will set you back someplace in the range of $100 I would guess and of course the gasket set. :cool:

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X2.........The 1bbl is a dog.
i broke a ear on my exhaust manifold and this is what i went with. its a clifford inatake, heddman header, mc2100 carb. this whole set up cost me about $150 off of craigslist. i just had to wait cause i bought it piece by piece as i found them.


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