carb problems

carb problems


Covington Tn
85 cj7
i have an 85 CJ7 with a AMC 258 i6 / 4.2l that i just got. The boy i got it from said some bs about the automatic carb was messed up so he put a manuel choke on it. I looked around on it and there is a rod that goes from the carb to the tranny that is missing a link staight under the engine. I can tell that the rod goes to the carb and to the side of the tranny right above where the shifter is can anyone give me more info or what i can do to fix it cause im gettin tired of workin the choke the hole time i drive
Oops thats the tranny kickdown linkage and if its one of the Chrysler trannies not having the kickdown hooked up will burn it up
what exactly is kickdown linkage and would it be the reason i have to work the choke while im driven
Kickdown linkage is for hard acceleration, it will "kick down" the transmission to a lower or passing gear. Not bogging down the engine by flooding it full of fuel in too high of a gear.

Not having the kickdown linkage installed correctly isn't going to affect the carb, only the transmission.

I'm going to say that you need to choke your carb all the time because it just needs rebuilt.
ok well i guess ill get that hooked back up today where is the best place to get the rebuild kit at
NAPA is my store of choice, but anywhere should be able to get you one. If you've never done a carb rebuild before they can be a little intimidating. There's a lot of little parts and gaskets that need replaced. Just be sure when you buy a rebuild kit that you buy a new float, rebuild kits never come with a float, you have to buy them seperate.

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