Carborator Suggestions?

Carborator Suggestions?


68 CJ-5 225 Daunless V6 W/T-18 Tranny. AKA Yeti
SO this past weekend I attempted to rebuild the Rochester 2 Jet Carb (2GV) on The Yeti. It didn't go so well.:mad:
After getting the the Carb off and half way broken down I realized that it had been rebuilt recently by someone else. :eek: Everything was pretty shiny and clean look'n and from what I understand it isn't usually like that! So I opened the Rebuild kit that I ordered from NAPA and thought, "Well, I'll replace the gaskets and just get familiar with a Carborator." Big Mistake! The Carb rebuild kit was, upon further inspection, THE WRONG ONE! (Parts the wrong size, Gaskets not lining up, etc) So basiclly, I removed a functioning carborator, messed it up and put it back on...non-functional.
I'll try to fix it this week but in case I can't...
Anybody have any suggestions on a two barrel carb for a 225 Dauntless V6? (It's in a 68 CJ.)
Holley, Weber, etc?
As a separate question... Did the carb have a tag on it and did you get the carb kit by the tag # or did you specify your vehicle? Just wondering.

I'll let the others chime in what they think is best for a carb swap. :)
I used the numbers imprinted on the side of the carb when ordering.
I'll dig them up when I get home. The clerks at NAPA were very adamant that I give them the number...and they still got it wrong.
Not sure about the V6 but a lot of people have good luck with the MC2100 on the I6 and V8's. They are good offroad carbs as well.
My personal preference is a Webber.
I just finished swapping in a motorcraft 2150, but I don't know about putting one on a 225 V6. Never heard of it being done, and a quick internet search didn't turn up anything either :confused:.
I just replaced my Rochester varajet on my CJ5 with (with the 151)...with Weber K490. The Weber is awesome !!
So I went with a MC2100.

Here are a couple of pics. At first I couldn't get it to start then when It did start it was idling at 2400 RPM or something ridiculous :eek: .
My neighbor came by (who turns out to be quite the mechanic!:notworthy:) and shows me that the choke will turn if you loosen the three little philips head screws holding it on :). (I had no idea!:() So it being Florida, we opened the choke on up and that kept it from getting stuck on the Fast Idle Loop and it allowed the choke to be open at ignition. We messed with it last night and we will tune it up this evening so I'll post some more pictures as it comes along. These are old pics with the choke closed but they show the carb mounted.

One issue is that I can't find anywhere to plug my PCV valve hose into the carb. I think I may need another adaptor plate that has a place for it. I'll also need to connect the electric choke some how but for now it cranks!

Anyway... the Yeti Lives Again!:D
Wow! Thanks Rollbar! :chug:
Great pictures and notes. I'm learning so much on this forum!
So it looks like the PCV value can be connected to the manifild vacuum source...
Now the question is... Where is the Manifold vacuum source on the 225 V6?
As you can tell from the pictures, I've got a lot less tubes!
I may need the baseplate adapter that will allow me to connect the PCV valve under the carb at the manifold/carb adapter plate. ( I'm sure my terminology is off but I'm learning).
You might but look very closely on the intake for any sort of pipe type plug that is unused that goes directly into the intake, if that exists then you can remove that plug.

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