Carrier for Dana 44

Carrier for Dana 44


El Paso
1984 Cj-7, rebuilt 258i, Carb-Motorcraft 2150, TFI ignition, T-176, Dana 300, dana 30 in front, Rear Dana 44, 4in lift, 33in tires, 4:10 gears
Quick question would any carrier from a rear Dana 44 fit any rear Dana 44 axle? Reason i am asking is because i have a Dana 44 off a mid 70s scout, and in need of carrier. So if i come across a 2007 rubicon they are parting out, can i use that carrier off the rear Dana 44?
The Scout carrier should work in your CJ.
Just remember that the carriers for 3.73 and down are different then 3.92 and up.

JK Rubi Dana 44's have 1/2" bolts and different ring and pinions.

According to RingPinion . com these are compatible diffs. -->> Dana 44 Rear - Dana 44 Rear

C10 1/2 Ton: 1960 - 1972 (Rear)
C10 1/2 Ton: 1960 - 1972 (Rear)
CJ5: 1966 - 1983 (Rear)
CJ6: 1966 - 1975 (Rear)
CJ7: 1986 - 1986 (Rear)
CJ8: 1981 - 1986 (Rear)
Comanche: 1986 - 1992 (Rear)
Commando: 1966 - 1973 (Rear)
E-100 1/2 Ton: 1968 - 1974 (Rear)
E-100 1/2 Ton: 1968 - 1975 (Rear)
E-150 1/2 Ton: 1975 - 1979 (Rear)
F-100 1/2 Ton: 1969 - 1979 (Rear)
G10 1/2 Ton: 1967 - 1972 (Rear)
Grand Wagoneer: 1984 - 1991 (Rear)
K10/K1500 1/2 Ton: 1960 - 1972 (Rear)
Rodeo: 1993 - 1997 (Rear)
Scout 800: 1968 - 1971 (Rear)
Scout II: 1971 - 1980 (Rear)
TJ Wrangler: 1997 - 2006 (Rear)
TJ Wrangler Rubicon: 2003 - 2006 (Rear)
Wagoneer: 1971 - 1992 (Rear)
XJ Cherokee: 1986 - 1993 (Rear)
XJ Sport: 1987 - 1993 (Rear)
Two thoughts come to mind.

Spline count on the axles/spiders They came in different spline counts 19 to 33.

2007 Rubi TJ is OK fit. If it is a JK then the carrier IS NOT interchangeable.

Don`t recall the first year of the JK or if they had a Rubi so I may be all wet here.
I will have a Jeep Dana 44 Rear, 3.73 gears, from the mid seventies Jeep in a couple of weeks.

I will putting a lockers front and rear in the next couple of weeks. I am using a Dana 44 rear from the mid seventies, 3.73 gears and will not be keeping the carriers.... The locker /carrier will replace the carrier.

3.73 gears was pretty much the standard gear and carrier for that time. Most likely what you have also. The axle I am using is in nice shape, no rust, and lower miles.... think it was under 50k.

Let me know if you have interest?

Just read all the posts again... and thought you have JEEP after my first read of post.... I am not sure if this is same as the scout... As the poster said above the spline count did vary some. Axle splines slide into carrier. Some dana 44s also had axle nuts on the end.... two pc axles. Other Dana 44s has solid one piece shafts and are more desireable. The Jeep from the mid 70s was a solid axle shaft. Still might be a solution for you but would need to be verified.

There will also be a metal tag on the differential cover bolts. That is the DANA MAKE UP / BUILD for the axle. It will tell a Dana distributor what parts you have internal. If you have that info... I can share my tag info and that would tell you if you have a match with the 70s Jeep Dana 44.

I hope my tag is still there.... I have two in storage rack and the Dana Parts guy want me to supply the info for bearings order and seals order. should also be able to verify the carrier used. This is a guess...... TAg #/ Carrier Confirmation but should be corrrect.

Axles can be lots of fun.... Just finding shops that can set up axles properly and have the correct tools can be a bear. I had to look for a few weeks to find the shops in my region.
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