Changing heater core and fan motor

Changing heater core and fan motor

1984 CJ7

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1984 CJ-7, 258 (rebuilt), 5 speed (rebuilt), softtop, Goodyear DuraTrac's
can you access this all from the engine bay? Also, can I just clamp the heat core hoses instead of draining the fuild?
In my 84 CJ8, it is mostly in the cabin. The access to the blower motor bolts was in the engine bay (and the bolts holding the plastic housing). I did not drain all of my coolant. I disconnected the hoses and let them leak into a bucket and clamped them up. I did have to add a little and burp the radiator when done and hooked back up though. Not much came out when disconnected though I heard it should have been about 1/4 of the total.
Ok, thanks for the feedback. So, since I already have the dash half way out, I guess I will just remove it and replace them now. I will do the same, clamp the hoses and just burp the system and add a bit of fluid after it's burped.
If you have the dash any part out, now is the time. And make sure you upgrade to the Chevy Blazer blower motor. Much more heat.

I did mine without taking the dash off at all. It was manageable, but would definitely been easier to maneuver the parts around without the dash there.
Yes, i was going to do the motor upgrade but I am not sure I want to cut my firewall. I really want to keep it uncut and all original if i can.
Mine was already swapped, so not a decision for me. I just replaced the chevy one for a new chevy one that worked. I wondered why people complained about the amount of heat. Mine seemed fine. Now I know why. The upgrade was already done.

Good luck with that decision. If your heat seems fine, then don't upgrade. I guess it depends on the winters where you live and if it is a daily driver.

Have fun.
I see! Well, my Jeep is just a toy for me and not a daily driver so i should be ok. The motor is just really loud so i assume it is on its way out. I figured I would just change the core since I will be in there. We don't really get below 40 degrees here in Portland.
My core was fine as well. Just did it because I was in there. My motor would just squeal super loud. It still worked, but made people in other cars look at me like something was going to explode. Quiet as a mouse now. Except it currently has leaves hitting the blades and it sounds like a bile with cards in the spokes. I need to clean the leaves out. Ugh.
i changed blower motors and left the heater core alone becasue it wasnt leaking. about a week later it started leaking all over my floor and a that weekend i had to take it all apart again :censored:
Exactly! I don't even want to mess with it to get the leaves out. Hopefully I can get them out another way.

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