Chev TBI on AMC V8 ?

Chev TBI on AMC V8 ?


London Ontario Canada
1980 CJ7, 360, 4 spd,
I was just wondering if anyone out there has used the GM TBI 87-95 style on an AMC V8 in a CJ and if so how hard of a job was it.
Mounting tbi , computer and sensers is not a big deal, but whats needed under the dash, and what was used for a distrubuter.
I have a buddy that just switched his tbi(Chevy) 360 to propane.
Worked fine I will find out what sensors he was running.and what he deleted

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I did this. I used the TBI off a 89 GMC 1500 with a 350. It works great!!

I made my own adapter plate for the TBI from a 1/2" piece of aluminum and I put the computer on top of the heater behind the glove box. I removed the vacuum advance from the distributor and locked down all moving parts (except the rotor of coarse) and used the ECM to control the timing advance.

I think I still have pictures in my gallery
I'm assuming you used an hei dizzy, but how did you wire it?
I have a 90 K5 Blazer with the tbi and was thinking of putting it on the 360. There is a few wires under the dash that go to the computer but need to figure out where they go, as well as that brown wire that you unplug to set the base timeing
Here is a drawing of the ignition. I took the ignition module out of the GM distributor and mounted it on a plate next to the coil.


I removed the vacuum advance, screwed down the HEI and remover the spring on the fly weights and wired the weights together (some advise welding them in place) Then I use the ECM to control the spark advance through the GM ignition module.


Here is a drawing of the complete tbi setup.

Bill at has done an exultant write up about how to do this conversion.

I've cleaned things up a bit. So first chance I get I'll take a good picture of my setup and post it here.
There is a wealth of information on

It is primarily an International Harvester forum but there is a section that is scary huge on fuel injecting V8's not made for EFI..
second the info on binder. international was much like our cj's in that they used many different parts and components including amc engines. there is a right up on how to fix up the pestolite and motorcraft distributors for use with the gm tbi ignition. but you dont have to use computer controled timing it can remain stand alone. just need a "trigger" wire for the computer to now when to fire the injectors.
you can buy the TBI to 4bbl adapter from transdapt for about $50. i used one on my CJ5 .

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