Chevy 350, HT400 automatic trans, T150 transfer case

Chevy 350, HT400 automatic trans, T150 transfer case
Cape Canaveral, FL
CJ-7 Chevy 350, Tubo 350 automatic transmission. Dana 300. Dana 30 in the front and Dana 44 in the rear.
Can anyone tell me if these drive train components will actually fit in a 1979 CJ7 frame using aftermarket conversion parts.

^^^what he said^^^
You probably will need new driveshafts as the TH400 is kinda long.
never heard of a T-150 tcase.
My facts are wrong, but you have gotten me to relize they where wrong. I am getting them more accurate. Ok it's an NP-205, 8 bolt pattern connected to the HT400. I have a Danna 30 in the front and a 44 in the back. This thing was put together ten years ago then sat in the yard. Not being a real mechanic, and being a moderately severe perfectionist, I am not crazy about the drive shaft angles in the rear. My question is- Is there after market kits that could get the angles better given this hardware.
the easiest thing to do would be to cut the spring perches off the axle tube then rotate the axle till you get a good angle or no angle at all with the axle still laying on the springs and loosely have everything bolted up and when everything is where you want it to be tighten all the bolts that hold the spring to the axle with the perches between the axle and the springs like it would normally be then weld your perches back to the tube
The TH400 coupled with a 205 is go'na be looong.
A better combo would be a TH350 and a D300 or Dana 20.
How much lift does this thing have, that will make a big difference.

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