CJ-7 Cutting Off

CJ-7 Cutting Off


Cleveland, NC
I have a 1982 CJ7 Laredo with the stock 258 inline 6 and a 5spd. It also has the stock Carter 2barrel carb. The problem is that after the engine is warmed up and you drive it around, whenever you let off the gas and push the clutch in like you are coming to a stop sign or just coming to a stop the engine will cut off. It idles fine and starts fine it just seems to cut off whenever you push in the clutch or come to a stop and you are not giving it gas.
Any advice?
Hello sifd4x4 and welcome! :chug:

Sorry your having trouble with your 7. There could be several reasons why your CJ stalls but the main thing I see is that it runs OK and does not stall until it warms up. That means the choke is on and adding extra fuel to the system as well as there is a throttle stop that doesn't let the carb drop all the way to the lowest opened position when you release the throttle.

You could have worn seals around the throttle shaft or it just could be in need of a rebuild. How many miles and has the carb ever been rebuilt? No matter what the problem, I'd say it's just time for a new kit and a good cleaning. Thos 2BBL Carters are easy to rebuild. Probaly just a stuck valve or a blocked passage...

If it's the shaft seal, most kits don't come with new ones, and at the worst, the shaft could be worn and not the teflon bearings. Take some starting fluid and spray it at the throttle plate and see if the RPM changes at idle. That will let you know if the seals are OK.
Ok thanks for the information. It has 52,000 original miles and has been rebuilt a few years back, but you are right it might be time for another. Someone told me it might be a vaccum leak but i have checked all the lines with starting fluid and no leaks turned up. I have also heard something about the diaphgram in the ignition going bad. Do you know anything about that?
The diaphragm in the distributor is your vacuum advance. I had forgotten completely about that. Did you spray it for leaks also?
No i have not checked it for leaks yet, i was not sure exactly how to go about that. Would a problem in the vaccum advance cause the problem I am having?
If the vacuum advance was stuck you would have a fast idle. So I doubt it. Still worth spraying some starting fluid there though. Here is a great article on vaccum and mechanical advance. -->> NTBA

I still think you just have a dirty or plugged carb. I have been known to be wrong but since .it only happens when the choke is off, that is where I would start.
rebuild the carb would help. as soon as i get the money for a weber. im throwing this carter in the garbage!!!! i rebuilt the carter and it helped but it still has a miss at idle. which is a problem with carters.
Yeah i was thinking the same thing about the weber but i figured i would see if my problem was something besides the carb before i spent the money on a new one.
I would definitely go ever the intake / fuel system with a fine tooth comb first... There are many places for vacuum leaks, though I don't think that is your problem.
Thought this might help. Easy Fix for Jeep 258 Carter BBD Idle Problem If you decide to rebuild and don't feel comfortable, let me know. Mail me the kit and the carb and I will rebuild for you. I love tinkering with carbs!:D
What an offer PC! Big problem he has is that is stalls when the throttle is closed. Only does it when warm an out of the choke circuit. Ever run into that before?
Thought this might help. Easy Fix for Jeep 258 Carter BBD Idle Problem If you decide to rebuild and don't feel comfortable, let me know. Mail me the kit and the carb and I will rebuild for you. I love tinkering with carbs!:D

Yeah, thanks alot for the offer, but I seem to have alot of friends around that also like to tinker with carbs. But that link definetly seems like it might be my problem so I will have to check that out.
I don't have a whole lot of experience with carter carbs, just carbs in general. They just make sense to me and I like to play with them.
Take the top off the carb so you can access the float bowl.
Clean out what ever dirt you see, behind the float is a small brass
pin that closes off the fuel when the float rises, take the fuel line off
and give that area and pin a good cleaning. This should help, in addition to the
idle tube fix linked earlier.
Speaking of carbs, CJ what kind and size carb are you currently running( you have a 304 right?)?

I have an edelbrock 650 cfm 4bbl, it seems as if it might be over-fueling it a little and I'm not sure why. 650 isn't all that big. Any possible fixes for this situation?
On my CJ I have a Holley Projection setup. Holley Performance Products Pro-Jection Throttle Body Injection*502-20S


I did have a Edelbrock carb before I installed the fuel injection. I had to really rich it up and also change out the rods for a richer mixture. Do you still have the instructions that came with the carb? There are some great sections in there for tuning it.
I kept the instructions and I leaned it out as far as I felt comfortable doing, I might try lowering the fuel pressure with my handy little regulator. That or maybe I just need to drop in a blower!!:laugh:

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