CJ-8 upgrade to T5 trans

CJ-8 upgrade to T5 trans


1982 CJ-8
my 1982 CJ8 has a 4.2L i6 out of an '87 Wrangler (fuel-injection system)

I plan on replacing the T4 4speed with a T5 5speed manual trans

For those who have replaced transmissions before, can you give me any advice so as to avoid frustration?

Also, what clutch kits do you recommend? (companies)
Prices range from just over $100 up to $300, where should I shoot?

lastly, I'm ordering the clutch to fit the '87 motor, correct?

Thanks guys
I don't know if they changed flywheels on the first year YJ's or not. Did you swap the engines? If so and you kept the 87 flywheel on and used the clutch and pressure plate from the 82, it shouldn't matter.(At least in my head:rolleyes:) As far as clutch brand or type, what kind of use will it see? It might be easier for someone to suggest something knowing what kind of wheeling you do. For me, I've always had good luck with HD clutches from Napa, but I do alot of fire/forest roads, desert, ect, I stay away from big rocks and mud/water.As far as fluid goes I have had great luck using Penzoil Synchromesh http://www.jeep-cj.com/forums/f2/t5-like-new-again-12924/
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