CJ Heater

CJ Heater


Grand Junction, Co
1983 CJ7, 258CI, T5 Transmission, Dana 300.
I purchased my 83 CJ7 this summer and was wondering how warm the cab will be in the winter. I am buying a brand new bestop supertop and wanted to know if I should swap out the heater for a stronger one. I live in Colorado and would like to stay as warm as possible this winter. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
before the wrangler, Jeep was never known for strong heaters in CJs. I would look for a better heater for Colorado.;)
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When I first bought my CJ back in 77 the heater worked VERY well. It is necessary to pull both the heat and air vents open for the heat to circulate. I always thought it could work as well again if I were to flush the heater coil and perhaps blow the mud daubers out of the coils.
I do know if you don't open the air vent it is very underwhelming. :cool:
Get dual exhaust, the radiant heat from the floorboards is proving to be plenty for me. Then again I am in San Diego.
The Blazer motor works. If you really want heat, put an aux heater under the drivers seat. 80 deg inside when it 0 outside with a soft top. Then only use the original heater for a defroster. Depends on how hot you want it.
i did this and made a hell of a difference.

This was done to my Jeep as well. Works pretty good. All in all though you aren't going to be all warm and toasty in the middle of winter in your Jeep. You probably won't be taking off your coat or anything like that.
Everyone know the best mod is to swap in a chevy heater blower motor:
Jeep Heater Blower Motor Upgrade
Chevy Heater Blower Motor - JeepForum.com

It'll keep you warm ask around.

But who needs heat, LOL.

I wish I knew about this chevy heater when I lived back in Minnesota. I replaced my heater core and heater blower (for a leak and electrical problems) and I still froze in the winter. I put styrofoam insulation between my roll bar and hard top - still cold.
I love CJs but if you want warmth, luxury and a smooth ride you bought the wrong vehicle.
Just wear a warm coat and gloves.
If u see my gallery i not only didn`t have a heater, i had no top and drove in the falling snow. lol
The more I read these Jeep sites that bigger my todo list gets. Jeez!!

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