cj stereo! how do you do it?

cj stereo! how do you do it?


DYESS AFB...abilene,tx
78 cj5 4.2l, 72 vw 181
Hey guys i was thinkin about possible stereo ideas and am leaning toward the tuffy boxes above the shifter and one on each fender in the back... but was wondering what everyone else is doing.... post some pics of your cj especially if u have some cool ideas
That is what came in my Jeep when I bought it. Center console for stereo and fender speaker boxes. I ended up cutting the speaker area bigger and put in marine speakers. Moisture and vibration ruined the speakers that were in the boxes.
Or you can do what I did and remove everything. I just listen to the ringing in my ears from all the years of too much stereo.:D
In my last CJ I had the 5 1/2s in the dash, 6x9s in the back on the fenders and removed the back seat to put in a 15in sub. If you want to be completely deaf and have things stolen, that is 100% the way to go! haha

Now just 5 1/4s in the dash and I will put a custom box with 4x7s under the rear seat this winter. Dont see much of a reason to "bump" a CJ anymore.
Tuffy center console with lockable head unit compartment, centrapod, side mounted pods that go under the door jam, these do not interfere with anything. I also do not need waterproof speakers. Hope this helps! Good hunting!
ya thats why i like the tuffy ones.... they have those back fender speaker boxes with storage space too but there like 300 bucks?

Why couldn't you get some less expensive metal tool boxes/ammo can's...shave the handle..put a latch on it...and drill some pre-planned holes for the speaker sound to come out. As far as a "head unit"..unless you need a cd player, there are some nice water proof receivers in cabela's, sportsmansguide, and bass pro shop catalog that are under $100 and have an aux input so you can always use an mp player of some sort.....just an idea. ps-they also carry splash guards and full enclosures.

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