CJ vs YJ door hinges

CJ vs YJ door hinges


Rockwall Tx
1984 CJ-8, I6 258, T5 tranny, Dana 30 front end, AMC 20 rear, Dana 300 transfer case
Found a good deal on YJ half hard doors for my CJ. Only problem I see is there seems to be a bigger gap at the leading edge of the door than the trailing edge, so the door doesn't fit well. the question I have is there a difference between the Cj hinges vs the YJ (the part that is attached to the door)?

Shouldnt be. You can work out any gaps by adjusting the hinges themselves. It can be a pain by yourself. If you can get an extra set of hands it makes it easier. Is the diameter of the door striker smaller?
I bought aftermarket striker plates that appear to be the correct size. I have tried adjusting the hinges on the door, but I can't get any further forward.
Try. Moving them on the tub. I had the same problem with my full cj doors on the yj tub.
Thanks. I'll give that a shot.

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