CJ7 Hardtop Rear Glass

CJ7 Hardtop Rear Glass


1985 CJ7 4.2 6CYL, 5-Speed
Has anyone ever seen a back window for a CJ7 that is about 1/4 - 1/2 inch too small all the way around? If so, what is it for? I can't get it to fit the gasket and it looks 1/4 - 1/2 too small all the way around.

Gasket is too large and it's OEM Gasket and glass came out of Hardtop that FITS my CJ7..

I'm STUCK...
You say the gasket is to big tends to make me think the glass is fine and you have the wrong gasket.
Gasket issue aside. How does the glass compare to the hole in the hatch? I went out and looked at mine... The glass for one doesn't match the hole in symmetry,the corners are slightly different in radius, and overall about 3/8 on average smaller than the hole it goes in also my seal wich came out of this roof seems to be way larger than the hole it goes in kinda like it swelled up and my brothers looks like it has a seam in it at the bottom left corner?? Maybe the po cut it to fit and siliconed the seam?
The Gasket is the only one for the CJ7 Hardtop...

Someone said Metal Rim around it.. IDK, I'm going to try installing the Gasket, Then putting the Glass in, instead of trying to install the Gasket on the Glass then insert into hardtop.

I took out the old Gasket from the other Hardtop, and's it's exactly the same size..

I think I'm just retarded.
That is how it is installed, put gasket on hatch first and hook glass into it.

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