Clunking while coasting

Clunking while coasting


77 CJ 7, 258 i6, 3 speed
Hi all,

Every morning when I roll out of the driveway, I hear a mild clunking noise that sounds like it is coming from the rear end. It may be happening while under power but I can't hear it over the exhaust and road noise.

I jacked it up and rotated the axle and did not hear anything. Both wheels turned together, which leads me to believe the axles are not broken.
I checked the oil level in the rear diff and all was good.

Is there a way I can verify that my drive shaft / u-joints are healthy?
Are their wheel bearings in rear similar to the front? I just repacked the front over the weekend.

there are rear wheel bearings but you don't service them the way you do with the front. jack it up and give the wheel a good shake, if there is a problem with the wheel bearings you will know it. When was the last time the gear lube was changed in the rear axle?? May be it's time to pull the cover and check for schrapnell and look for the milk shake. :cool:
Lockers.... that is what I was thinking too.

In a open differential axle the wheels will turn oposite directions. In a locked differential the tires spin in the same direction.

looks to me like some spool locker since tires spin in same direction

Poster can make a few sharp turns on pavement.... the tires turn at different distance / speeds and bind up the differential. The differential locker will release the energy with clunk/pop and you may feel the rear end bind some and jump a bit.

There are spool lockers for differentials. The axle cover can be pulled off so fluid change, look for pcs of metal, and the normal open spider gears in the differential may have a locker inplace and will look different. Search for spool lockers and should see several pics.

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