clutch firewall seal question

clutch firewall seal question


1984 CJ7, AMC 304 V8
I replaced the missing clutch firewall seal yesterday. Now my clutch doesn't want to return. Does the clutch rod slide inside the boot or does the boot move with the rod? Should I look for a stronger spring to help with return? I didn't have any return problem whe the seal was worn out/missing. Or do I just need to tweek something?
we put grease on my dads when we put a new one in
So the rod slides in the boot? I may need to pull the rod and sand. I've soaked it good with pb blaster to no avail...will try grease.
im not sure if its supposed to slide in the boot or not. after greasing dads we didnt have trouble any more.
Apparently the rhino lining over spray was the culprit. Took the connecting rod off and cleaned it. Thanks for your help.

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