clutch linkage keeps coming loose

clutch linkage keeps coming loose


Venice CA
1984 CJ7 258 I6 Carter 2BBL. 33" Hercules Trail Digger M/T 6" spring lift D300/T15. Aluminum Valve Cover.
Hey all. I've been working out some issues with my new (to me) 84 CJ7. Outside of some other problems, one new one that sprang up, is that I lost the clutch while driving. Fortunately I'm fairly smart, and climbed up under her to find the problem. It's the linkage where the pedal rotates a bar, and pushes in a plate outside of the transmission. There's a threaded bolt that is adjustable, with a round end that basically sits against a tab. I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about.

The problem is, that I've adjusted it (I'm still figuring out how to get it adjusted to where I like it/am comfortable) but it still seems to work itself loose, and doesn't seem like it's going to stay locked in. Has anyone else had this issue, and found a good solution to keep it from coming loose?
Two things where you adjust it does it have a lock nut? And do you have a spring going from the two keep it tight?
Ok, there's a nut going from what I'm going to call the arm (away from the tranny). In the middle is a long threaded bolt, that does not have a thread in the middle (so that nut could not ever go past a certain point). On the other end, is like an adjustment nut that is fairly long (for adjusting the throw) with a rounded end that goes into the mentioned plate. I guess that was the long answer saying "no, I don't recall any locking nut per se." There's definitely no spring. It just loosens up and falls out. Not good at speed, that's for sure.
You should have a rod that is threaded then on the threaded part is where you adjust it and then a nut that is a lock nut that you tighten down aganced it .
Yeah, that's what I have, but the lock nut is on the opposite end of the threaded rod. Not really sure that it's even a locking nut. What's all this you say about a spring?
You need to run that nut down to other side and tighten that what keeps it from moving.
Do you have a body lift.. of so the problem is you Z-Bar (actual name of the part) is jacked at an angle and is popping loose. you can buy or fab a relocation bracket to get it even again and lengthen the rod that pushes on the Z-bar to keep it from happening.
Nope. No body lift, just a suspension lift. There's a little play in it right now (still haven't adjusted it to where I want it), but tightening up that nut helped a lot and it hasn't happened since.
There's a little play in it right now (still haven't adjusted it to where I want it)

Should have 1" free play in the pedal...

According to FSM :cool:

~ JR

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