Clutch Linkage problem

Clutch Linkage problem


1982 CJ-7 258 T-4 Dana 300 31" Micky Thompson's
Please help, I have an 82 CJ7 with a T-4 tranny. The clutch linkage keeps coming off of the bell fork. I have replaced the bushing and pin about a million times and after a few pumps it pops back off and the pedal hits the floor. What am I missing?:confused:

I am new to working on the CJ and this looks like it should not be this difficult. Any advice would be welcome.
Check your motor, trans, and body mounts. The mechanical linkage rely s on all of these being in place and tight to operate. if there is any independent movement between the body, frame, and drivetrain it will cause this problem.
go hydraulic it will get rid of those problems
54 Not sure if it matters but it is doing this before I even crank the jeep, so there is not torque in the frame. Would a broken mount still be the problem?

Buushman is the hydraulic option something a newbeie can do? Is it best left to a shop to install?
There should be a spring that goes from the frame mount to the bellfork to keep it in place when not under pressure-but if it is that loose the rod that goes into the bellfork should have an adjustment nut on it- try to lengthen the rod till most of the freeplay is out of the pedal. If that won't do it it may be a clutch issue.
thanks for the help. It looks like the mount for the bushing was slightly out of alignment allowing it to slip off. So far so good with it realigned.

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