Clutch? Spring? Question...???

Clutch? Spring? Question...???


Ocean Springs, MS
86 CJ-7, 258, Desmogged, 4 speed T-176, Carter-Weber 2731, headers (no idea what kind), K&N Air Cleaner. Everything else stock as near as I can tell
Jeep was running fine when I was downshifting into 2nd to make a turn and I heard something sound like it snapped. Jeep then would shift into first but not without force or grinding. Happened to be close to home so just limped on in. Looked underneath and found this spring hanging. See pic. It seems to be broken off on one end, but I cant find where it would connect to and quite honestly do not know where or which direction it would go or even what it is called. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
OK, could this be what is called an outer clutch fork return spring? I have found an animal by this name on the web, but it looks nothing like the one on the jeep. I can see the hole on the housing of the clutch fork where the current one sits now, but where does the other end go? there is a hole rearward and upward on the bell housing. Is this where that end of the spring goes? Thanks

Ignore the chicken wire. This is NOT my jeep. You can see the clutch return spring here.
It goes from the hole you saw in the clutch fork to a hole in the bellhousing.
This next picture doesn't show the springs but it shows where the 2 ends should go (red circles)
One more thing to add: the clutch fork should pivot on a metal ball. The ball would sit in the detent here.

On these older jeeps the ball may come out when the fork spring breaks. Before putting this back together make sure you didn't loose the ball.
You can check for the presence of the ball by prying out the rubber clutch fork boot and getting a flashlight in there. It will be pretty obvious. If the fork is sloppy, you may have lost the ball.
Busa, from what vantage point is this pic taken, meaning facing the front of the vehicle, or facing the rear? Whick way dos the spring go, towards the front or back? I think I may have lost the ball as well. I apologize if I dont call these things by the right name, but looking towards the rear from underneath, there is a threaded rod that mates to the indention on the fork. Looks like this is where the ball would go. Can this threaded rod be loosened and a new ball put in there, provided the ball itself can be purchased? Thanks.
there is a threaded rod that mates to the indention on the fork.
That threaded rod is the clutch linkage. When you press on the clutch pedal that threaded rod pushes on the clutch fork. That clutch fork pivots on the ball. The ball is not at the end of the threaded rod. The ball is closer to the middle of the clutch fork. It is just inside of the bellhousing by the rubber boot (part 24 below)
The ball is part 15 in this picture.

That spring is horizontal. It goes along side the threaded rod (parts 4 and 3 above). Here is another picture looking toward the front of the jeep.

And another looking from above.

BTW the threaded rod (parts 2 & 4) screw together to adjust the free play on the clutch pedal. You should have about 1 inch of free play before the clutch starts to disengage.
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I see what you mean. I was looking towards the back of the jeep, not the front. Now I have to get a new spring and find where it connects to. Assuming everything else is ok, should this get me back running? And what exactly does this spring do? The spring that was on there was hooked to a hole in the fork towards the end of it, on the outside of the linkage. I have no idea where it was hooked on the other end. BTW, the other two pics you sent did not come through.:)
And what exactly does this spring do?
Their is one inch of free play to the clutch pedal. This spring holds the clutch fork up against the clutch linkage. If you drive your jeep much wihtout it the clutch linkage may come out of the clutch fork. Then the clutch would always be engaged and the pedal won't work.
The spring goes between the 2 red circles in my first picture. I guess that's not too clear but the front circle is a hole on the bellhousing. Does this picture clarify it any?

See the spring going from the clutch fork to the hole on the edge of the bell-housing. The spring is along-side of the threaded clutch linkage.
Busa, thanks for the info. I did some other searching and found some good pics and descriptions. In your last two posts, the pics didnt come through I will locate a spring and try to replace it. Any tips for putting that little bugger on? Thanks
We posted so close together I'm not sure you saw my post about where you can find the parts.

Check to see if the ball is missing. If it is buy 2. They sit into a socket. If the socket is worn you may loose another ball. They are only $2. The spring wore out and a new one should last.

To replace these remove the rubber boot (part 24) and loosen the clutch linkage by screwing parts 2 and 4 together.

This will make the linkage so loose you can remove the linkage from the clutch fork. Don't remove the fork but push it toward the front of the Jeep. This will allow you to replace the ball and the spring.
Then you have to put the linkage back and adjust the linkage. Your clutch pedal should have 1 to 1.25 inches of free play before the clutch starts to disengage.
Busa here is an update for you. I went to the local auto zone and picked up a pack of assorted springs, 6 bucks and change. I took the one that was closest in size and stiffness and fabbed it to fit as you showed me. Still does not work right. I got to looking at the spring that came out of there and took notice of the shape it was bent in. It had to go to a hole in the skid plate kind of rearward and upward of the clutch fork. So I fabbed it again to go to this hole and would you believe it works like a charm. Even shifts a bit smoother than before. Any idea why this could be so? Thanks.
Good to hear you got it going. Sorry my pictures didn't show up. Here's they are now.
The spring needs to pull the fork strait forward. I just wanted to clarify.
I circled the spring
I see in your pics now that it should be pulled forward, but when I put the spring on like shown, it will not go into gear at all. But when I pull it upward and rearward it works like a charm. Any idea why that is?
Could my linkage need to be adjusted rearward to achieve the same effect?
I wonder if the clutch fork is pivoting properly. The indent in the clutch fork can get elongated with age and wear.
Also can you see if the ball is in place?

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