Comercial flathead

Comercial flathead


1951 cj3a,1963 cj5, 1 75cj5, 2 1976 cj5s w/6 cylinders, and a 78cj5 Levi edition with a 304 I think.
I own a 52 3A with a small block chevy in it. (Not running) Running gear is original I think. I have an opportkunity to purchase a comercial flathead Willys engine that is running. I want to restore to almost original. I have some questions. How do I determine the engine size? Will this engine fit into my 52 3A? Anything else I need to think about?
I dont know much about old Willys engines, but there should be some casting #'s on the block or head somewhere. From there you can probably get the info from a quick Google search or local engine builder as well. What I know about industrial engines is that they usually are designed to run at lower/ governed rpms.
I really do not know much about willys engines besides the ones in the Jeeps. I do know that they did run the jeep with a flat head until 1953 when they switched to a F head unit.
I would think that what would hold you back from may be bell housing or fly wheel differences.
Have you tried doing a national search on V+Craigslist for a old Willys?
oh the jeep flat head was a 134
Thanks for the help. I will get the casting number off from the gentleman selling it. I guess the engine is probably the same as the L134 "Go Devil" that should be in mine, but like you mention, not sure about the bell housing mount-up. Thanks

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