confused about ignition wiring

confused about ignition wiring


kaplan louisiana
1978, cj5, 304 V8, T-150 transmission, Dana 20 T case , all driveline stock, currently a project that is not running.
:confused: I am new to this forum so forgive my ignorance.
I am nowthe proud owner of a 1978 CJ5, my first jeep. However it is pretty much a basket case, hasn't run in 5years. All the parts are there and i am in the process of sorting it all out.
Most of the wiring in the engine bay is connected. Was able to install a battery and get the engine turning over.
Cleaned the carburetor. So now have fuel.
Have no key for the ignition but the switch rotates and engages the starter.
The engine fires up but when i disengage the starter switch the ignition cuts off.
Wiring diagram shows one side of the coil going to the battery(red wire) but it seems as though mine is switched, and the other to the electronic ignition (green wire).
It may be my imagination but the red wire seems to be switched and only comes hot when the starter is engaged. It is spliced into the same wire that goes to the starter solenoid.
If your running HEI all you need is 12v wire running to the distributor. Most other systems you'll have a resistance wire that drops 12v down to like 6v-9v for the primary on your coil. During startup this is bypassed with the full 12V through the starter silinoid to the primary so that during cranking the voltage won't drop too low. I'm not an expert but I think that's how it works.
so the green wire is only a ground thru the ICM or does it supply voltage after its started, hence could the ICM be bad causing it to die after the starter is disengaged
remove the solenoid wire and check voltage in start and run to all wire in question. the ICM should be hot in run and the solenoid should only be hot in start. If you pull the wire fron the solenoid you can check that voltage and not have the motor turning over trying to grab body parts.:cool:

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