Contour Dual Fan

Contour Dual Fan


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On my way back from P-Cola today I stopped at the upull and sweat and bled over a ford contour dual fan... It was not easy to get out at all, that engine compartment is tight. I am surprised they can put them together.
Two bolts held it in and then it pulls out. sounds easy but the motors run along somesort of ac line that is hard to break off. I had to stand on the engine and pull with all my strength. A buddy would have made life easier but after test fitting the fan it was definitely worth it.

I have been running a Taurus fan which is a single two speed fan. I had to cut the shroud alot in order to clear the pully. I basically cut the shroud to the lowest point I could without interfering with the blades.
As you can see below, laying flat on the ground, the taurus fan is still taller despite the fact I basically cut it to the edge of the fan blades.
I cut the tabs that originally were used to mount the fan to the radiator mount so that the shroud could sit agains the fins. other wise there would have been about a 1/2'' gap between the shroud and the fins and the back of the motors would have been pushed further towards the belts.
The fan motors definitely don't stick out as far. plus I think the fact that they are not centered will land the water pump right between the motors

Up Brock thanks. I was already planning to use that autozonE controller in the second contour link. So good stuff. I have been runnin a non adjustable controller on the Taurus fan. I have to say the adjustable is the way to go. The non adjustable kep the 258 on the hot side. Compare itto my waggy which runs the same fan but has the adjustBle contoller and I can keep it just below 200 degs(accordingto my wag's temp gauge)
I guess j should mention tha the waggy has a 360
If you don't mind me asking...what did the contour fan assembly sell for?

This looks like a great mod!!
They vary in price depending on local demand.
I can pick one for about $20 here but back home I'd be lucky to even find one.
My local pull it charges 16 dollars for electric radiator fans plus I you hve a core, which I do, they give you some money back. However; the prick at the counter charged me for 2 fans so it cost me 32.:mad: that pisses me off because it's one damn assembly. But whatever 32 isn't bad I guess
I went back to the U-pullit today for another contour fan to fit into my grand wagoneer. THis will also be replacing a taurus fan that I was running.

The fan I was using in my CJ still had the paint the upullit puts on stuff you get from them to prove that it came from them in the event you try to return it. So I told the guy at the counter that I had bought it yesterday (still had the receipt) but I just wanted to use it as credit toward a dual fan set up. So when I got to the counter after pulling the fan I handed the receipt to the counter guy and he didn't charge me for the extra fan on the assembly.:rolleyes: I didn't bother to correct him that the fan I was exchanging for it was a single fan. So in the end each fan cost me 16 dollars. If you dont count that I paid 16 dollars for my taurus fan back in january.

It is seriously a feat to get these fans out of the contours. It literally took about an hour to get each out without breaking it. The tauri fans just pop out with minimal effort and you just have to reshape the shroud. I basically took a crow bar with me and broke off any piece in my way then I still had to some how get the bolts on the back of the fan to clear a part of the engine. What I ended up doing was sliding a screw driver behind the fan motor coming from under the engine and then stood on the front clip and pulled upward untill the plastic bent enough to clear the junk in there...... Bottom line you are going to sweat for it but once you knock the tabs off the edges man does it fit nicely to a jeep radiator.;)
I wired the one in my waggy up. I used the wiring harness from autozone i found in brock's link(P.N.733647). No point in doing the CJ's yet since the head is off an the radiator is leaning against the house. I junked the stock harness including that resistor thing in the corner of the assembly since the Torqflo relay handles everything.

I decided to remove the resistor and mount the relay in its place. and I also put the shroud in upside down from its normal configuration so that the relay would be closer to the bat for wiring purposes. We tested the resistance on the two fans before hooking everything up and found the one closest to the resistor to have the most resitance through the motor, so the assumption was that it was the more powerful fan and we wired that to the fused orange wire. Then the second fan we wired to the auxilary wire on the harnes and then I just capped off the A/C wire since my A/C doesn't work in the waggy. Then grounded both fans and the relay to the same post on the front clip and ran the hot directly to the bat and the acc to a post on the solenoid. Good to go.:chug:
If you lose the instructions no worries they are glued to the relay.
Holy :dung: I just can't get over how much better this fits than a taurus fan.
I know its a mess but I have drawn arrows to the wires pertaining to the fan harness, I ran out of the wire covers.
Even with the relay mounted inside the fan shroud, the temperature adjustment is still exposed.
Hmmm I really havent considered going with electric fans since most dont fit worth a :dung:. Thank you for the post now Im going to have to go to the junkyard for some fan action :chug:
Hmmm I really havent considered going with electric fans since most dont fit worth a :dung:. Thank you for the post now Im going to have to go to the junkyard for some fan action :chug:

Seriously do it. Tested it on the waggy today and stayed around 190. The controller kicked on both fans first though which I thought it wasn't supposed to do but whatever. I did however wire the second fan wrong so it was actually pushing air from the engine side out to the grill. So the fans were running oposite of one another and it was still keeping the engine cool.
here is a pic of it mocked in place in my cj. I have a serpentine setup in there but the clearence should be the same as Vbelt
I know this thread had died but hey the jeep is a work in progress. I originally strapped the contour fan to the rad with those plastic pul tite things the parts houses all sell. THis work for a bit but the test of time finally caused them to come loose and the fan kept falling off the rad.

So since I had to remove the rad to replace my PS lines I decided to take an idea from onlyinajeepcj to mount my fans. He cut off the mounts from an old rad and attached them to his fan and made a pretty slick mount.

I tweaked it a bit since I didn't have rad laying around by using some angle iron(angle aluminum?) and a strip of aluminum. Basically I cut the angled aluminum piece to size then cut the alumiun strip to fit along the inside edge of the fan shroud. I drilled it and used self taping screws to go through the bracket through the plastic shroud and into the strip of aluminum. That way instead of the plastic shroud taking the weight of the screws the aluminum strip will make a much sturdier mount.

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in case any one needs wiring info for the contour twin electric fans, this is both fans wired together with low speed and high speed, two thermo's and a switch on the dash for high speed bypass and cutoff.

As many know I've been making several posts and asking several questions about this upgrade and pending a delivery of those consarn 0.375/9.5mm female blade connectors today for that 70/80 amp relay I'll have all the parts I need.
I got the Mystique (Merc) fan for $38 clams (if I remember right)
4 relays relays and additional color code matched wiring was free (from the same car a couple of days later)
2 Hella 70-80amp sockets from Amazon $6 each
...and those pending oversized connectors that were so hard to find. (I'm intending on sharing them with anyone else that needs 'em they come in a bag of 50) $26 clams
I'm doing my own wiring using some diagrams found on this forum and elsewhere now that I got it straight in my head. This'll allow me to wire them up independantly for different startup temps and with and on or off override. I've got to take care of setting up my garage and then replacing a rear main seal first but once I get it underway I'm going to post step by step pics and text to help other neophytes with thick skulls like myself :D
For anyone who runs the 258, a three row radiator, and dual v-belt pulleys, the 2002 up Contour/Mystique fan install isn't a walk in the park. Much trimming is required. No pre-2002 contour fans in my area, but my understanding is that the shroud/fan motor mounts are the same overall dimension in the possible problem areas.

The wiring is actually the easy part, and idle speed charging becomes a concern as well. If A lot of slow traffic or (crawling) off-road use is in your normal use, dual-batteries or a non SI Alternator are almost a must, IMHO.

Now a discussion on which fan to use as a primary fan ( s-blade driver side, or standard fan passenger), which way to install the shroud assembly (connecters up, or connecters down, this determines which fan is where) and some other seemingly minor details can make a HUGE difference on how this mod will work well for you. Each fan moves a different CFM, and draws different amperage.

Whether or not you use an auto tranny, tie in to the radiator cooler or not, and have an auxiliary cooler in front of your radiator also require some trial and error.

I have made most if not all of the errors possible (let's call it research instead), in the fine tuning of this setup. I'll try to get a photobucket account going the next few days, to post some pics of some of these difficulties, and how to overcome them, if anybody runs in to similar issues.

Till then, I'll answer any questions if my required setup, sounds like yours.
Yippeee! Got a box of 'em in and the ARE the right ones/size!


...and I have more faith in Czech manufacture than that of China. Also as I've promised on more than a couple forums if anyone else is building these relay sockets drop me a line and I'll mail you enough of these to get your fan project going on this 70/80 amp relay!


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The trick with the inline 6 cyl. motors is that they're longer than the V8's

When I got all of the parts together on my three row rad. the fit was just perfect

and while I was at it I installed a Ford PDB to control the wiring and such. I took several photos so if anyone needs further information, let me know. :)
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The trick with the inline 6 cyl. motors is that they're longer than the V8's

When I got all of the parts together on my three row rad. the fit was just perfect

and while I was at it I installed a Ford PDB to control the wiring and such. I took several photos so if anyone needs further information, let me know. :)

Hi turbo...

I just got a fan assembly from a Contour the other day. The selection in the JY was very thin, so I grabbed what I could. The insulation for the wiring harness is ridiculous, and needs to be thrown out.... What was your solution?

thanks in advance..


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