Couple of problems changing the MTF

Couple of problems changing the MTF


SE Louisiana
85 CJ V6 4SP
Changed MTF yesterday and encountered some problems. Problems 1 and 2 can be taken care of.

Problem 3 I need your help on. Pictures posted below. The fill plug is obvious, but the drain plug is not so obvious. There are two plates bolted on the Transfer case. One on the back, and one on the bottom. I think one of these should be removed to drain the oil. I've never opened one before and am afraid a bunch of springs might pop out if I remove one of the plates. Please give instructions or link to thread showing how to drain fluid from Transfer case.


1. MTF fluid had water in it. Looked closer to drywall mud more than gear oil.

2. Could not remove fill plug on Tranny - will need a longer wrench for more leverage.

3. Still need to change fluid in Transfer Case. Not sure where to drain fluid from.

The story (for your entertainment)...

I knew I had water in Tranny from pulling the shifter a while back. Picked up 6 quarts of AmSoil (That craps expensive). Drained the Tranny, first tried to remove skid plate so the oil would drain straight down. Then realized skid plate also supports tranny and transfer case. Tightened skid plate back up. Pulled plug and let her drain. You can tell from the pics that I missed the bucket some. Look at that white oil, it must of had a quart of water. Wasn't about to put the Amsoil in the wet tranny. Ran to Oreilly's and got 2 gallons of the cheapest GL4. ($44 bucks) Plan to run this for 200 miles and then change with the expensive stuff. Hopefully this will clean out most of the residue moisture before the expensive stuff goes in.

Next went to pull the fill plug - wrench was too short couldn't get enough leverage. Removed shifter and poured a gallon down the hole. Need to get the right tool to make sure she's not overfilled, but shes at least running now. Will get a longer wrench today to fix this.

Next examined the Tcase to change the fluid here. The manual says remove drain plug, but I didnt see one. Only see (2) two plates that might be removed to drain the oil. Am I missing something? Is there a hidden drain plug? Any help you can give me is always appreciated.

Now the pics - enjoy...



The d300 drain plug is through one of the holes in the belly pan, look at the lowest point. It takes an allen wrench.
Thanks Old Dog - that was good information. The grease and muck had filled the recess on the plug. Once you told me what I needed to look for it went pretty quick. The oil in the t-case was much cleaner with no water.

In addition I removed the fill plug to remove the excess fluid in the tranny. The new oil is already milky, not nearly as bad.

That amsoil is pretty steep, I hate to put it in the tranny if this next flush doesn't remove all the moisture.

Any ideas? If I flush a second time with cheap oil the cost is going to get close to whats already invested in the AmSoil.
Just an idea to get the bearings and gunk flushed out of the tranny.
Instead of oil use ATF. Fill with ATF, place transfer case in neutral, start the engine and run it through the gears a few times to get everything spinning and the fluid moving through the trans.
Repeat as needed.

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