cracked fuel tank

cracked fuel tank


South Jersey
I have a 1980 CJ5 with a cracked fuel tank. The crack is located at the filler tube on the underside of the larger tube.

The tank may not be the original tank that came with the truck but I have no clue what it came out of.

What are my options here? Can I have it welded or should I just replace it?

Here is a pic of the crack:
- Jeep-CJ Gallery
if it were me I would go ahead and swap it while you have it dropped out.
I would take a good close look at it first.
If it's rusty (more than just surface rust) just go ahead and replace it.
If it's not so bad, you might as well get it welded up.
Or better yet, buy a welder and do it yourself!:cool:
If you weld it fill it with water first, seen several go boom during my life.
I'm gonna order this one on ebay:

JEEP 1972-86 CJ CJ5 CJ7 CJ8 GAS TANK KIT SENDER HOSES: eBay Motors (item 380223750306 end time Sep-08-10 15:00:08 PDT)

I have a question about the strap and how this tank is mounted. Mine is strapped over the top and basically just sits on 2 pieces of flat metal bolted to the frame. The lip of the tank sits on these pieces of metal. When I was removing the rear bumper, the bolt on my strap broke. How important is this strap, could I get away with not running one?

Here are pics for reference:
0811001803a - Jeep-CJ Gallery
0811001803b - Jeep-CJ Gallery
Linked up with a local 4x4 club and a very nice guy named Mike with an 83 CJ was kind enough to help me out. Got the new tank swapped in and Mike was even nice enough to weld the cracks in my rear bumper bracket. Even my stock gas gauge works now! Problem solved.

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