custom frame

custom frame


NE oregon
1965 CJ6 tux, 1987 XJ, 1980 powerwagon W200
Has anyone built a custom frame for their jeep? Once i get my powerwagon done i will be working on my CJ6 , I will be building a new frame for it. The current frame has been broke and re-welded by a previous owner.

here are a couple things ive picked up from a few places

ive been told the dimensions may not be 100% correct but i will have my old frame to go off of.

i cant take credit for these because i didnt do them but it pretty close to how im planning

im just looking to see if anyone else has any input on this subject. if anyone else has done this before or has pictures of other custom built frames.

and ill add a few pics of the rusty hippie jeep just because lol

(notice the smiley face?)
Check with these guys:
Advanced Frame Works
West Highway 87
Lewistown, MT 59457

It may be cheaper to buy it straight out,
but they may be willing to help with info.
I've spoken to them int he past and always seemed
willing to help with misc. info.
another frame place is in the north east, But I cannot find the link, they have frames starting from 135o clams. I will search harder for the link
The mascara is sexy, but you could use another coat of lip stick!:laugh:
The mascara is sexy, but you could use another coat of lip stick!:laugh:

yah that was on there when i got it. we loaded it on my trailer behind a friends truck and he kept looking back at it in the mirror. i asked what he was looking at, thinking maybe the door came open or something. he said if your jeep winks at me im gonna run back there and :censored: the tail pipe. i told him if it winks at him, he has my permission lol :D
That may be easier than my CJ6 project

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