D20 twinstick pops out of gear

D20 twinstick pops out of gear


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I just put a twinstick on a Dana 20 transfercase. The rear axle pops out of gear under load. I put new detent springs in when I removed the 'pill'.

Anyone have any ideas?
What twinstick did you put on? I just purchased this one -->> Dana 20 Twin-Stick Kit but got it from Novak.

One of the reasons I purchased this tick is because of this statement. -->>
Provides a solidly-detented 2WD-LO position that WILL stay in gear

They have allot of trouble shooting information concerning jumping out of gear in a PDF. I attached it for you.
Thanks for the site. I suspect it maybe wear on the detent groove. You can hold it in gear, but really gets hard under load.
So that is the same twin you purchased? Did you have any trouble keeping it in gear before?
No it didn't pop out before. When I pulled the pill out I noticed the notches on the shafts were grooved from wear by the detent balls. Heavier detent springs or maybe tap a setscrew to crank up the spring pre-load?

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