Dana 20 Shifter Slop

Dana 20 Shifter Slop


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My '76 CJ5 has quite a bit of play in the transfer case shifter, making it difficult at times to select 4hi, or to get it back into 2hi for certain. Looking at the linkage last summer when I overhauled the t-case the internals looked fine and none of the parts in the shift linkage seemed that badly worn. There is a bit of axial play in the bellcrank and lever. Is there a good fix for this common issue, or is a twin stick the way to go?
Thanks very much for your reply. These items don;t seem to be all that loose on mine, but combined with the little links, etc. I'm guessing the stack-up of looseness results in that sloppy feel.

Is it possible to get to that linkage for parts replacement without pulling the entire t-case?
Possible yes. easy no.

NOTE: I say easy no, because the po used a mixture of permatex and silicone to seal mine off. :cool:

On my 74 you can remove a large section of the floor around the shifters. (Not the normal small one) which makes it easier to get in there.
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