Dashboard decals

Dashboard decals


Merrillville, IN
1973 CJ-5 258 w/7120 head, Comp Cam, Howell TBI, HEI, stock T15 trans, Dana 20 tc, Dana 30 & 44 axles 3.73 gears, Lock Right both ends
I recently ordered decals for the dashboard of my 73 CJ. Anyone have pictures of the original placement of these stickers? I am installing a new VIN decal and the shift pattern decal.
My 1972 CJ5 had the VIN plate sticker on the dash to the left of the clove box but in 1973 it had been moved to the left side of the steering wheel. My 1978 CJ 5 still has the VIN plate sticker to the left of the steering wheel but on a 1980 CJ5 I had the VIN plate was upside down on the inside of the tub just under the door threshold such that if you stood at the door looking in and bent over the plate could be read from the upside down position. I have never owned any 1972 & up CJs that had a shift pattern sticker on the dash.
Where did you order the decals from?

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