did anyone use a 176 master trans kit?

did anyone use a 176 master trans kit?


danbury ct
84 cj-7 laredo 258 stock rebuild.4 speed ,
mine has plastic thrust washers in lew of metal has someone used them ?
I have installed them with no problems.
thanks for your reply,my wifes uncle does trannies full time and owned a shop he said i could show him my questionable parts and he would pass judgement.thats at 6 30 tonight.my input shaft has a broken tooth or two on the bottom skirt area.my buddy who is most adept at these things feels any damage just replace,soooo we'll see.a guy who sells cj stuff cheap and i have delt with him before has a whole 176 with a broken fork for 50 bucks but it's not apart so its a :dung: shoot.

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