Driveshaft question - T15/Dana 20 in a CJ7

Driveshaft question - T15/Dana 20 in a CJ7


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Hey guys,

New to the site. I'm primarily a Scrambler guy but recently picked up a very straight 1979 CJ7 Renegade that the previous owner was in the process of converting from QuadraTrac to manual. They got about 80% of the way there before I bought it. However, I'm trying to figure out the rear drive shaft. They mated up a T-15 3spd tranny and Dana 20 along with a bellhousing to the factory AMC 258 i6 / 4.2l engine. I found a driveshaft for the front (about 28") but the rear measures about 29" which seems to be a non-standard size. Any idea what my options are?

I would find the local driveline shop.

You can go with this guy: Tom woods and it shows exactly how to measure for him to make you a great one.

Or for me in my area, there's these guys: Drive Line Service

Find a place like that and they'll make you one.

I do not believe any longer based (CJ7 8 etc) vehicle used that combo stock, however, they might have used a similar length combo in them, and therefore may have a semi stock length that would work for you, I just do not know...

Others hopefully can answer that portion of your questions :cool:

~ JR
Oh and :ww:.

Fill out your profile when you get the chance, It'll save you some time on your posts, help others to answer quicker and better, and save you a awkward "request" later to do so. :cool:


~ JR
Thanks. Thinking what I may do is cut down a Scrambler driveshaft beings that they're 32" long. Don't know why I didn't think of that before!
Just make careful measurements for the maximum extension length and minimum length. Then have a local shop modify the length of your drive shaft.

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