Lowell, IN
78 cj7 quadratrac straight6
i have the q/t drive train and i hate it soo what should i change it too? i dont do alotta wheeling more of a sand toy but i plan on puting a 350 in it.
My advice is to do it all at once. You are only have to pay for things once that way. Items such as driveshafts and such that can cost 6 to 8 hundred for the pair will only need to be done once.
Do you want it to be automatic or manual? Are you going to be traveling on the street more than the trail? Will it see more hi-way use or in town use?

The Chevy Turbo 350 3 speed auto is a stout trans the will handle the power and abuse of the SBC, plus it's compact enough to give you decent drive shaft lengths.

The Turbo 400 is beefier than the 350, and a hair longer, it also has an electronic kickdown solenoid so you don't need a kickdown linkage.

The 700R4 is also a stout trans and offers an overdrive gear for cruising down the hi-way at a more comfortable RPM, however, it is longer and has been known to have clearance issues with the front drive shaft.

All the Chevy trannies have the beauty of bolting to the SBC with no expensive adapters, as well as strong aftermarket support for converters, valve bodies, vacuum modulators etc.

With manual trannies you have basically the indestructable SM465 cast-iron 4 speed truck trans, with a great granny gear for crawling, but no 5th gear for cruising.

And the NV4500 cast-iron 5 speed truck trans, again with a decent granny gear, but also a 5th for cruising at decent RPM's.
The Turbo 400 you have now will not bolt up to a SBC without the use of a adapter of some sort.

If you wish to keep the 400 trans you have now I'd throw a AMC 304,360,401 between the frame rails, rather than a SBC just to keep costs down.

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