Dual Snorkel Breather on my 401

Dual Snorkel Breather on my 401


1979 CJ-7 Golden Eagle 401 cid, T-18, D20, AMC 20, D30
I thought a few pseudo-purists might find this pretty cool. It's been a year in the works, but I finally finished my engine build this weekend. What really set off the finished product was the daul snorkel breather I made to help keep cool air coming in during the anticipated hot GA months. I'm no metal worker by any standard, but two factory breathers, a dremel tool, a few rivets and some patience was all I needed to complete this little project.

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That's a nice and clean engine bay you have there! The air cleaner looks great! :notworthy:
Thanks CJ. Coming from you, my day is complete!
Very cool I have been wanting to do that on my truck. :drool:
2thumbsup.png Two thumbs up, that's one sweet looking, one of a kind a cleaner.
Beautiful! I love it and it looks original. I thought of this too but have found no cheap dual snorkles...never thought about making my own!

Can you tell a difference?
I haven't noticed any difference yet, I've only got about 120 miles on the build and the temperature has only gotten to about 85 so far. I'm sure it helps, but even if I can't tell it's already made a great conversation piece. Good luck if you do it. It's pretty easy.

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