Early CJ-5 clutch linkage retrofit

Early CJ-5 clutch linkage retrofit


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Own an early CJ5?


Well then you know how bad the clutch linkage is.
Design is bad, subject to a lot of wear
I just changed mine out. Takes about a hour and a half only because I took my time.
I used the Advanced Adapters roller chain kit.

017.jpg Super easy and cheap considering the Limited customer base it has.

Replaced these parts with the kit

Actually the instructions are kinda good, if not generic.

You start out by taking a few carter pins out, but before doing that make someone depress the system while you are under there so you can see the parts move, my 67 has a PTO and the drive shaft is in the area and the brakes are right there also. You need to know what you are looking at. Once this is done you remove a few carter pins, ok the thrust tube side of the linkage had 1 and the pedal side had 2. so just because you pull a pin, look for another cause it isn’t coming off.
Once that is done take the cable from the clutch fork off, one side slips into a grove,, the other is bolted to the trust tube.
That cleared, I took off the thrust tube, 2 bolts in the frame and then you do a 3 minute dance with the tube till you get it out of there. Now that all that is gone and we are committed to the mod, time to get the assembly under the Jeep and fit it.
First you need to inspect the hole where you bolt to the pedal side, if there is wear you need to pull the assembly and weld the hole shut and redrill, Mine was fine. Low mileage Jeep. This is a important step however as a enlarged hole can cause some very negative effects, such as the bolt popping out and no way to disengage the clutch. So do not fudge here.
Ok so we were fine there and bolted the Heim joint on the transmission side of the bracket. Be sure to put the bolt head on this side also as the bolt will not interfere with the brake linkage this way. Trust me here this is a pain to tighten up as the access to these parts is not very clear and you end up with a socket in the frame rail and a wrench in between a few things tightening 2 clicks at a time, but it gets done.
A note here, make sure the chain is on the frame side of the brake return spring. I positioned mine both ways before deciding the spring was on the bracket funny and moved it so it did not touch the chain. Anyway, we then put the cable end on the clutch fork and using a vise grip position the cam assembly onto the frame.
oh, you want 3/4 inch freeplay on the pedal so check it.
Check for free play and be amazed at how easy the clutch disengages now. Feels like a hydraulic system.
Once you decide make sure your bracket is set square on the frame mark the first hole , remove the assembly and drill it. Bolt up the assembly and check fit again marking the second hole. Pulling the assembly out of the way drill again and bolt the system down. A few jam nuts tightened and it is done.
Used 2 wrenches, ½ and 9/16 and the same in 3/8 ratchet, a pair of pliers and a vise grips. A cordless drill with a 3/8 bit was used also. Only busted 1 knuckle.
cam unit bolted to frame
Area I had to squeeze into to hook up to the pedal


view of the chain running forward, you see both sides
Sorry no picks of the action, but it was crowded under there
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Hey baja, great writeup. I have been uphappy with my clutch linkage for about 20 years (various CJ's from 1973-1977). I tried to find your kit, is this it?

(P/N 716639) JEEP CLUTCH CONTROL 1972-85 | Engine & Transmission Conversion Adapters - Advance Adapters

$220 seems like a chunk of change, and the picture looks quite complicated. Is this what you used? If not, how about a link? How is is working out for you now that you have some miles on it?

I heard about a cable linkage that I was interested in. Do you know anything about that?

that is a related item, it appears it has the same roller chain of the item I purchased.
ok, I used mine on a 67, there is a big difference between my Jeep and yours and that is all Jeeps 71 and earlier, the pedals are not hung off the firewall, but go through the floor and work off the frame. Now if your Jeep is a 69 or earlier the unit I got works, all 70s and 71s have a cable clutch linkage that no one makes a kit for so you are screwed.
Your Jeep, having the pedals on the firewall, needs a linkage down to the underside of the cab to get the chain system to work, so I see they have made one to use with that chain drive. I think that was a killer idea as that chain drive is the cat's meow.
How do I like it, WOW, what can I say, the first time i pressed it in there was a HUGE difference in the response of the clutch, IT was smooth, and used about 1/3 the effort to do. I since have replaced the T86 with a T14 and I did not have to do all the normal clutch linkage adaption that you would have to do as the entire system is that chain drive, so it made the swap super simple. I actually had a Jeep shop install the new Tranny/tcase system and source the driveshafts and install because I was in a hurry and needed the jeep in 2 weeks for an event and their estimate of labor was more than the actual bill. Seems not having to relocate the linkage and just rehook up the chain drive I had installed saved me 2 hours labor.
I am extremely satisfied with unit, I have wheeled it 2 times, yesterday I got under there and sprayed motorcycle chain lube on it and figure that will be good for quite a while.
Would I recommend the unit you are looking at, Oh Yea, I went into mine site unseen and love it, I think the quality of the product is great. I would imagine from the past products I have gotten from AA that the unit you are looking at would be top notch.
One more thought, they system I replaced was 40 years old, worn and problematic from the factory, AA offered a nice solution. I think all clutch linkages I have ever used besides Hydraulics are that way, It is not a Hydraulic clutch, but it is a very well thought out system that is about 90% easier to hook up. My only thought would be go Hydraulic if you are worried about their linkage between the pedals and the chain drive.
Hope this helps.
Thanx, I was wondering about the chain getting clogged up with mud, but I guess that's not a big deal.

220.00 is quite a bit of money to replace something that works, but as I said, it is a pain. On occasion, I have had the thing pop out while off roading.

I may just do it.
I went hydrolic with my clutch in a CJ3b was a lot easier to set up and costs about the same
I went hydrolic with my clutch in a CJ3b was a lot easier to set up and costs about the same

I thought this would be much tougher to set up. Do you have a link to something so I could see what I would have to do and pay?

Hate to revive the thread, but I saw your awesome write-up and am thinking about doing it myself to my '69 CJ5 (V6).

Question: I'm having to fix my clutch because the bracket on the frame where the bellcrank attaches broke in half. Do I need that bracket for this kit, or does it even attach to the frame (on the back end of the assembly)?

Also, my clutch pedal is not popping up after being depressed. However, we couldn't find a spring anywhere, and I'm not sure if it even uses one. Will replacing that bracket or installing the chain assembly fix this, or do I have another problem?

New to the forum here, and thanks in advance for the help.
Check out this link. http://members.cox.net/a74cj6/08Clutch.htm

Mine used to pop off. Fixed that. And then the frame twisting started popping off. Hydraulic fixed that. Love it. With used parts, it ran about $70.

Nice write up Baja!
I just got done installing the Advanced Adapter chutch system and it was a snap. Saying that because I installed it with the body off. The cross bar or tube that connects between the transfer case and the frame is not used. As for the bellcrank I'm not sure of what your talking about. As soon as some one will show me how to post pic's on this site I will send them on to you showing the install from the top of the frame. Good Luck
As soon as some one will show me how to post pic's on this site I will send them on to you showing the install from the top of the frame. Good Luck

May ways... Check this out: http://www.jeep-cj.com/forums/f16/how-attach-images-post-1270/

I used Hyme-joints (spelling) and original linkage design. has been working alright so far, though at extreme flex it does become a little "spongy"... One day I will either go to this or Hydraulic.
~ JR
This is great. I have a 1981 CJ5 6 cyl and have not had any luck finding one of these from advance adapters web site. does one exist for what I have that you are aware of? thanks in advance for all the help.
This is great. I have a 1981 CJ5 6 cyl and have not had any luck finding one of these from advance adapters web site. does one exist for what I have that you are aware of? thanks in advance for all the help.

Your 81 uses a different style clutch linkage. Its a bushing and bellcrank design. If you want to upgrade you need something like this:

SpeedDirect - CLUTCH LINKAGE; 76-86 CJ JEEP

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