Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday


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Squeezing in some yard work (what yard I have left) before the entire family shows up for dinner. Sun is out and it looks like a good day ahead. Happy Easter!
Ah the Holidays...Time to be with family and friends...Good Times....

Posted from my hotel room 1500 miles from home....:)
Awww.... I would rather be in a hotel room 1500 miles away from my parents, rather than just across town. I have to go over there today... :(

The Easter Bunny hid over 50 eggs for the Bubba. It took him forever to find them, then dump the damn jelly beans out.

Now its time to sit at the computer, until I have to make Stan breakfast. Bubba is having a Reeses and M&M breakfast. The memories....
My little one (actually she is the tall one, and they are the same age) and her friend hunting eggs yesterday.

and just because I can, here she is in her new "Panda" karate outfit we just signed her up for.

That's great you signed your daughter for karate, I put mine in when she was 5. She quit going when she was a junior in HS, but achieved Black belt. It was one of the best gifts I could have given her, as it taught her patience, tollerance, and calm, and the ability to defend herself. When she's 21, I will get her a carry permit, and train her myself.
Thanks. I have a bad, quick temper and it made my life..interesting...until I learned how to control it. We can see the same thing in Sammy, so the thought is to start her young and help teach her how to control her emotions. This seems like a good way to do it.
And he is NO WHERE that cute!

I think it has something to do with having a pintle... Girls are always cuter!
If it's you, wife, and daughter in the house, you are already outnumbered. Not a good idea to teach one to fight!;)
We gots a male dog here...so its not too bad...

Wait the cat is a girl also....

I'm still outnumbered!:eek:

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