Edelbrock SDT Muffler - anybody tried it?

Edelbrock SDT Muffler - anybody tried it?


South Lake Tahoe, CA
84 CJ7, 03 WJ
Finally getting ready to start (In November) my 4.0 head/MPFI upgrade and I'm replacing the entire exhaust. I have a Banks header and I'm planning a 2 1/2 inch exhaust with all mandrel bent pipes and free flow CAT. Haven't decided on a muffler yet, but I'm looking at the Edelbrock SDT, Magnaflow, etc.

What are you happy with? Anybody tried the Edelbrock yet?

p.s. Been missing a long time (months) from this forum because my work eats up way too much time. Finally arranged a 4 day work week with the same number of hours, but at least I have 3 days off each week now, and I plan on getting some serious car, vintage Airstream, and Jeep work done finally. I was so busy this Summer I've only had the CJ on the trail 2 times, and both of those were on easy trails. So next year is the year for more trails after doing the 4.0/MPFI swap.
Glad to see ya back.
I don't know anybody with an edelbrock though.
I have flowmaster hushpowers and they are way to loud.:(

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