EGR Valve Rebuild?

EGR Valve Rebuild?


Okatie, SC
1979 CJ-7, 304 V-8, 3 Speed Manual Trans, Soft Top
I have heard that it is possible to rebuild an EGR valve for a AMC 304 V-8 (1979 CJ7 ). My engine is running rough during acceleration for no other obvious reason. It's smooth as glass while at cruise speeds. In this economy, cost is always a factor, and a new EGR is pricey if I could rebuild the old one. Any thoughts from the pros? Thanks.
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Re: can an EGR valve be rebuilt?
An EGR valve can be freed up with a little PB Blaster and a few taps of a brass hammer.

That is true if the plug is stuck. Usually however, the problem lies either with the vacuum tubing or the diaphram. I am assuming that you are throwing some code that points to an EGR problem.

If you look closely at the actuating line to the power head you will most likely find that is cracked or melted. Cut out the bad section and renew it from the power head back to the first tubing connector.

If the tubing is intact, pull the EGR valve (two bolts) and using suction supplied by your mouth, watch the plug. If the diaphram is good the plug will retract when you suck on the tubing. If it doesn't move try helping it along. If you can suck air indefinely, the diaphram is shot (as is the EGR valve) and you will need to go to the junkyard. They will probably give you one for free.
I have taken one apart and cleaned the plunger and the seat. It was carboned up in side and would not let it close fully. PB blaster works good.

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