Electrical Gremlin

Electrical Gremlin


Kansas City, Missouri
1983 CJ-7, 258, Dana 300, T-5 Tranny, stock diffs.
I have an 1983 CJ7 . I have two eletrical problems. One neither my gas gauge or temp gauge in my main cluster work. Second my low beam headlight just stopped working. High beams still work. I have checked all the grounds and they are good. All the other gauges work and all of my other lights are functioning. Any ideas....very electrically challanged. :notworthy:
Thanks...those articles are great. Aside from the grounds off the battery, on the engine block and the one off the gas tank sending unit. Is there anymore I missed?? Thanks again..
There's grounds everywhere in the lighting from the bulb sockets to the frame.On the lights check your dimmer switch they act up every so often.
got the light fixed. It was the high beam switch on the floor. It has shorted out. Put new one on and it works. Thanks.. guys...now on to the fuel and temp gauge. still can't figure those out..
remember those 2 gauges work together and are bought together for a better fix.They work with the sending unit in the gas tank.Cross wires up and you'll have a short and blow something.Theres a jumper between the gauges that acts like voltage reducer.Follow the instructions in the gauge link and u should be okay

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