electronic to carberated?

electronic to carberated?

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95 wrangler with 88 4.2 carbed with puguetoe(?) 5spd both fresh rebuilds, spring over, 3inch body, spring arched 2 inches and stiffened, 10 inches of total lift on 36inch tsls 8k mile marker winch, ect.
1969 dodge charger rt se 440, 727 torqueflite 3.55 suregrip with 8 3/4 axle, everyone is making her a headache for me but i love her 1000xs more then my jeep
2005 dodge 3500 cummins 6speed dually work truck, not mine
I have a 93 cheerokee 4.0 HO in my jeep and the wireing is ruined, would a junk yard manifold, carberature and intake bolt on to my 1993 block for say a like 1983 I6 motor?
if not which ones would bolt up or how can I modify them?
It's either this or like a v8 swap, and never running the I6
No. The heads on the 4.2L and the 4.0L are very different. You can swap the 4.0L head (and associated electronics and manifolds) on to a 4.2L block.
actually you can, when a 4.0 head swap is done all you need from a 4.0 is the head, exhaust manifold, and pushrods.
read #17 in the FAQ in this write up
Tim Weavers 40 Head Article
here is another good write up on a 4.0 head swap where the factory intake was reused 4.2L Head Conversion - Putting a 4.0L head on a 4.2L block!! - Jeep at Off-Road.com
there is no reason you can't do the intake swap. be sure if you run a carb to use a lower psi fuel pump in or an adjustable fuel pressure regulator.

if your going to do this i'd recommend using an mc2100, and a factory intake. don't even attempt to use the carter bbd
Ok I am lost, which parts do I need from what year range to fit a 93 I6 HO?
Sorry I dont understand what the other stuff yall are saying is, Im going for cheap, and some what simple, Id love not to break 100$, if possible lol i doubt it
Since cheap and jeep do rymthe to bad it isnt always true
The 258 cu in (4.2 L) in-line six was produced from 1971-1990. The 242 cu in (4.0L) in-line six was produced from 1987-2006. They are not the same engine. You can swap the head from a 4.0L to a 4.2L for increased horsepower and the convience of fuel injection. Read here. I've never heard of anyone swapping a 4.2L head on to a 4.0L, and I doubt highly than you can. The problem with swapping heads is that there are differences in the coolant passages. When swapping the head from a 4.0L to a 4.2L those passages are filled (usually welded closed).

This is NOT a simple or inexpensive swap. And I doubt highly you can do it under $100.
you need the following parts: 4.0 engine, head, and exhaust manifold (you already have those), you will need an intake/exhaust gasket for a 4.0l get the gasket set for your year model and you should be fine, you need an intake from a 258 (preferably 83-89 which will be a 2 barrel intake), you will need your choice of carb, if you are going for cheap find you a motorcraft 2100 2 barrel carb with 1.08 venturis it will have 1.08 stamped on the side of the carb, these come on 60s and 70s model ford cars and trucks mine is from a 74 f100 with a 302. jeep also used them on the 304 v8 in the 70s. you will need an adapter plate they typically run $15-$20. you are most likely going to need a different ignition, because your factory ignition is computer controlled. you will need a fuel press. regulator, because you factory fuel pump will have way to much pressure for a carb.

now you are most likely not going to be able to this for under $100. here are some links to help you get started and give you an idea of the cost.
MotorCraft 2100/2150 JEEP/AMC Carb Upgrade 258/4.2 : eBay Motors (item 320512143224 end time Apr-14-10 06:03:29 PDT)
now you don't have to use this carb, and you can find em cheaper, but you'll most likely have to rebuild it and set it up yourself.
this is the intake you are looking forJeep ALUMINUM INTAKE MANIFOLD six cyl 4.2L 258 2V carb : eBay Motors (item 110516953551 end time Apr-14-10 17:30:56 PDT)
or you can use one of these they ain't cheap but it'll give you the ability to run a 4bbl carb, just don't go crazy with a huge cfm carb

i'm pretty sure you are going to need another ignition. i don't know if you can use a distributor from a 258 or not. if so a DUI hei would be the most simple setup.
somebody might sell a standalone controller or something for your factory setup. i would do some research on this, you might even be able to keep your factory stuff i don't know

you might find it better/cheaper to go to a junkyard and pull a harness, then replace yours.

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