Emission Systems

Emission Systems


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Arnold, CA
75 CJ5 304V8 T15 D20 D44 D30 2 1/2" lift, 05 Victory Kingpin, 2011 GMC Sierra 3500 Diesel 4x4
I'm sure this has been beat to death a number of times and I've found a couple of threads about it, but nothing specific to the AMC 304 V8. I've got a 75 CJ5 and it's now smog test exempt in Cali. It's been in a smog exempt county most of it's life, so most of the emissions stuff was already gone when I got it. My problem is I don't really know what it should look like if everything was properly taken off. Alot of the lines were just cut off and plugged with whatever seemed to fit. Anyway, attached are a couple of photos of what I started with.

What I'm looking for is some photos of what the engine should look like with the system properly removed and what parts need to stay. I have my ideas, but I'm kinda headed into uncharted waters a bit for me, so I'm just looking for a little advice and direction.
As always, thanks in advance for your help - Bill:chug:
I believe all of mine is off too, though i am not sure if it was done correctly...

I can snap a few shots if it would help you?

I really have no idea, again, if its right or not though.

Let me know...
~ JR
JR - any pics I could get would probably be helpful, so if you could post a few I'd appreciate it.

Thanks, Bill :chug:
Will do.., im in the dental chair right now, if I'm not messed up will do tonight!
Sorry Bill, I got home with a numb fat lip had a few beers and crashed out...:cool:

I'll be working on putting my transmission back in tonight, but will snap a few pics of the engine top for you tonight. Will try to post tonight, If not will post them in the morning...

(Still haven't figured out how to post the pics from I-phone)


~ JR
Thanks JR -

I'm not in too big of a hurry at the moment, not ready to put the engine back in. Just trying to plan ahead, so whenever you get to it.

So I took some pics, but please forgive they are crappy photos, the sun was out funny, and i was just getting finished with transmission install when i took them... I don't even thing they will be of much help to you...

I've noticed, mine is not really what i would call professionally removed either! lol :cool: I think I may have to "peek" around at the top of my engine soon... I've been doing so much "fixing" what i must, I haven't looked everything over to a tee yet...:rolleyes:

But in any case, in case it helps here they are...


~ JR
JR - Thanks for the pics. You're right though, your engine doesn't look much different than mine.

I've got a neighbor that builds hot rods and maybe I can get him to take a look at it and give me some advice.

Thanks again - Bill:chug:
Thanks JR :chug:.

The diagrams look very helpful. I've been scraping the rust and other junk off my tub and trying to get it all in primer. Probably going to be another month or two before I get to the engine.
No problem man... seen that post this morning and was like " Someone wanted this..." lol


~ JR

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