Engine Code Question

Engine Code Question


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(poor thing needs a little bit of time and a few kind words)
I have surmised from PO (dear friend) and confirmed from both VIN code and old insurance cards in glove box that what I have is a 1980 CJ5 with a 258 2bbl carb and a four speed tranny. The engine date code (under the spark plugs on the passenger side) is 310C02. This tells me it is in fact a 2bbl 258 that was manufactured on 10-02-1979.

I know the engines were actually stamped with the manufacture date, not model year. My question is where might I find, using the SSN, where in the order it was made? Early year, late year? I am pretty sure the thing is wholly original, and the decision and starting stages have been done for a restoration. I was just wondering what other information I might can find from the vin?

I am mainly concerned with original equipment, model ( larado, etc.), handy info like that. I try to know as much about something as possible before taking on such a task.

I have the Vehicle in my garage and can look for any other information that is needed to make those types of calls.

Thanks in advance for support with this!
Thanks for the assistance. I have all that information already, drivetrain and what not. I was more concerned with original seat color and installed options.

I tried the dealer today locally and was told they can't look back past 1985-90 anymore for that kind of information.

I will keep trying while I am working on cleaning and prepping before re-installation of major components.

Thanks for the assistance!

This won't be too expensive Dear! That's what I keep saying. Over and over again.
There should be a plate on the passenger side firewall with numbers that are the color and trim package that came on you jeep.
Haven't seen it yet. But I will remain vigilant in my search. I appreciate the info!

This won't be too expensive Dear! That's what I keep saying. Over and over again.
So, I found the engine code on the side of the block. 310C02 tells me that it is a 258 2bbl that was manufactured on October 2, 1979. The jeep is a 1980 verified by the VIN. There are some stickers on the driver side under the door jamb that have Sept 1979 printed on the top of one along with GVWR and tire information.

The SSN starts with a 7, so it was put together in Canada.
Paint Code tells me it has always been Navy Blue.
Trim Code tells me it had black linen vinyl seats.
The 9-5B had something to do with a special order, but by the time I found that information it was a little late and I forgot.

On the vehicles made in the Canadian plant, were the drivetrains put in when they got back to the US?

Just wanted to say a word of thanks for the assistance. Now comes the fun part....selling the restoration to my financial planner, (insert the best wife in the world here)!:D
The SSN starts with a 7, so it was put together in Canada.

Oh, didn't you hear? All jeeps assembled in Canada had to be returned to them by 2006. :D

As the joys of financial "skirting"... Oh, for Christmas I want (insert next jeep parts/project here). For my birthday I want (next project). Since I'm Italian I feel I should celebrate Colombus day, so for Colombus day I want... You get the picture. ;) (don't forget the obscure holidays like St. Paddy's, Kwansa, Romadan, Budda's Birthday..etc, etc)
Thanks for the advice. I knew this was the right forum to join. WAY more than just technical tips and stuff!

This won't be too expensive Dear! That's what I keep saying. Over and over again.

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