Engine knock

Engine knock

73 CJ5

Tucson AZ
1973 CJ5 inline 6 with a 3 speed
I read through most of the old threads but they and have tried most solutions they offer but they didnt match my problem exactly.

I recently replaced a head gasket and took time and care to put everything back the same way, i.e. pushrods, rockers etc. I have made sure the exhaust manifold is tight and there are no leaks, I have played with the timming, and the air/fuel mix but I am still getting a ping that sounds like it is comming from under the valve cover.

The chilton manual has given me the forementioned ideas but I can't get it to stop. It was not there before the head gasket. Any ideas as I dont dare drive it more than a few miles around the house cause I dont want to be stuck somewhere with a blown engine.

Thanks in advance,
I wonder if it could be a stuck lifter. I've had luck freeing stuck lifters using marvels mystery oil in the engine oil for a couple hundred miles. Other than that I'm not sure what could possibly have happened during a head gasket job.
i dont know anything about those engines but did you get the valves adjusted right? i know you can adjust the valves on a 350 chevy, just not sure if this motor is the same way :confused:
Run a compression check and see if there's any big difference in readings.

A push rod may be out of place.

Valves are hydraulic. No adjustment.
Thanks for the advice, I took the valve cover off and spun the enginge several times to make sure everything is still moving. Everything seems fine, the only anomolly is the last push-rod is sticking up about a qtr. inch above the rest. It is centered and seated, but this I am assuming means that my lifter is stuck out of place? :confused:

I will be taking the head back off this afternoon to see what I can find out.

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