Engine Mounts

Engine Mounts


Central Wisconsin
1980 Jeep Cj5 Renegade
I258 1987 Engine
Aisin Warner Ax15 Transmission
Dana 300 Transfer Case
I have a 1980 CJ5 with a 258 I6. I will be putting in it a 4.0L from I believe a 90 wrangler. I have never done a switch like this and was wondering if I could get some help with what engine mounts I would need to mount a 4.0 wrangler engine to a CJ5 frame? Maybe its the same but I doubt it.

Also I am putting it in with a ax15 trans mounted to my dana300. There will be some clearance issues with the bell housing and the front drive shaft. How do I go about getting engine mounts that offset the engine to the drivers side about an inch?

This might be a very easy thing to do, but like I said, I am new to this so if I can get some input to what regular engine mounts I would need and how I go about finding the right offset ones I would be very greatful!


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