evaporation canister

evaporation canister

steve o

brighton, uk
1973cj6 rhd
i noticed this on my cj 6 today, located under the rear of the tub. it seems the two hoses to it ( feed and return from the fuel tank ) have just been connected together so bypassing the canister (which looks incomplete ), what does this system do? and will it make a difference to the running if not connected? many thanks , steve o
Its a charcoal canister most likely....just an attempt to capture some of the pollutants in the fuel tank. Should be one under the hood too. Mine are in the garbage.
That is a liquid check valve in the back and the line from there runs to the charcoal canister in the engine compartment. It's all part of the pollution stuff.
Correct. I haven't driven mine since I took it off, but sometimes those act sort of like a vent for the tank as well. I doubt I'll have a problem because my gas cap is beat to hell and acts as a vent on its own. Just something to think about.
good thinkin JM ! perhaps i should run one of the pipes back up with a vent filter on it , just to make sure i dont get a fuel lock leading to starvation:chug:
That's what I did. Put a short hose on each one and put a filter on both to keep dirt out. That's my vent. Seems to be ok what little I've run it.

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