Exaust Clearance Issues

Exaust Clearance Issues


Metairie, LA
'82 CJ7, AMC360 w\comp towing Cam,Holley truck avenger, Edlebroc intake, T18, Dana20, 3.73 gears, 33x12.5x15 MTR's
2010 Ford F250 Superduty Lariat FX4 package
2007 BMW 328i loaded.
here is the situation, I Have an '82 CJ7 , amc360 with Heddmann Headers (in frame) the Passenger side is physically touching the passenger front rear leaf mount, my engine/tranny combo is 360/T-18 /Dana 20 but the Dana 20 has a tab coming out of the passenger side that either I will have to cut off or put about a 1/2" deep dent in my 2" exhaust to get around the tab on the Dana 20 and allow room for movement.

should I cut the tab?

should I spend the money and get a set of shorty headers? and rebuild that side of my exhaust?

any other suggestions?

Background/ evolution, original combo AMC 258 i6 / 4.2l /TF999 /Dana 300 -> "Built" AMC360/TF999 /Dana 300 (blew tranny 3 times) -> (lets go with a manual) "Built" AMC360/T-18 /Dana 20 now clearance issues with Clutch linkage and Transfer case/exhaust.
I would cut the tab on that Dana 20 TCase. As a matter of fact I already did that on my Dana 20 when I rebuilt it. That tab that sticks out the right side is never used on CJs. It has 2 mounting holes that I think was used in J20 and other trucks.
thanks, I'm so close to having this thing running again. if it isnt one thing it's another.

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