Exhaust question

Exhaust question


Byhalia, MS
I have a 1984 CJ7 with the AMC 258 i6 / 4.2l I6. I have an exhaust leak where the down pipe bolts to the manifold. The whole system is pretty rusty so my exhause guy is just going to build a new one. My questions are... Can I buy a down pipe for the 76-78 CJ7 ? I think the only difference is its longer under the jeep and i didnt plan on running a cat anyway so was wondering if it would work? Also what mufflers sound good with the six cyl? I ran a dynomax bullet on my last truck and loved it but this is my first 6 cyl and was wondering what yalls input on sound was... thanks guys!
i have a flowtech raptor on my AMC 258 i6 / 4.2l . i love it. it rumbles at idle. loud when you get on it then at about 45 mph it is quit. the best part is i got it at work and they run about 25 to 30 dollars.
I had a 3" and ran a CherryBomb with it right under the driver seat after the cherrybomb I had it turn down toward the ground. Sounded great no droning, obnoxious, or ricey. Had a nice deep note and was fairly quiet at 80mph.

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