Extended or stock brake lines for 2.5" lift

Extended or stock brake lines for 2.5" lift


1978 CJ-5 258ci/T150-3spd
Do i need to install extended brake lines on a 2.5" lifted CJ5 or will oem stock lines work? The existing lines are new and i wasn't going to replace them if i dont have to.
I have about 6 inches of lift and bought Russel brake lines (part 695910) for a 4 inch lift and the frickin things are too long.:confused:

I bet stock length would work but to check I would lift the jeep and then take measurements with the stock brake lines. Lift the front end so the axle hangs. See if the brake lines are too short. Keep in mind the brake lines will get pulled farther when off-roading and the suspension flexes. Then with these measurements look for brake lines that are X inches long.
The problem with this plan is after installing the lift you may find out that your jeep is not drivable until you replace the brake lines.
OEM brakelines will work just fine with 2½ inches of lift.
I have just completed my 2 1/2 inch lift on my CJ7 and i have not seen any problems with the brake lines being an issue.
I'm going to add this here because I don't k ow how to start a new thread. '89 yj front lines (and probably '87-'91) are 3" longer than factory cj lines. Also, Napa has '97 TJ lines that are extended 4" specifically for lifted jeeps. Both have the same ends as the cj hoses and work perfectly. '92-'95 yj front hoses have the same ends, but the metal tube part is bent wrong to work correctly.
Putting my 2.5" BDS lift on this weekend. Had a good conversation with Mike at OK4wd.com (the CJ expert) and he said stock brake lines should be perfectly fine with the 2.5" kit. He did say to take a good look at them for dry rot, age etc. Which is good to do anyway. Also said the t-case drop was probably not necessary as well. I ordered one, but going to try and get away without it if my angles are ok. I also did not order any shims for either the front or rear axle. Once again, going to see where things are after it's back on the ground. But I am completely stock and going with a stock length shackle as well.
I've had the 2 1/2" lift for over 25 years and use original brake line length with no problems
I got the tj lines on yesterday. They don't fit through the frame bracket. What I did is I turned the brackets around and zip tied the hoses to them. Other than that they work great.

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